Friday, March 18, 2011

Fukushima: Estimates of potential exposures in Fukushima area

[ Update: Cheryl Rofer provides some context to this NYT map in NRC Webcast Monday and How Not To Do Modeling]
The NY Times has published a map of the estimated potential exposures around Fukushima area from a simulation, along with expected symptoms of exposure to those levels. Also listed is the population living in those area before the earthquake. From the site:

The American Embassy recommended on Wednesday that Americans within 50 miles of the Fukushima reactors evacuate, based on an analysis by the Nuclear Regulartory Commission. The recommendation was based on a model that predicts potential radiation levels depending on whether the containment vessels remain intact, weather patterns, and other factors. Here are the results of the model on March 16.

NY Times新聞は以下の記事で、福島の近くの予測地図があります:地震まえの人口密度、放射線、症候。

Mentioned sources:
Nuclear Regulatory Commission;
Environmental Protection Agency;
Robert Meck, health physicist, Science and Technology Systems;
LandScan 2009 population dataset/UT-Battelle (population estimates)

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