Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fukushima: Texas A&M Forecasts Sun March 27, Air Share, Comments on Source Term

The Texas A&M predictions just came out:

Sunday, March 27
 2011-03-27 12Z - forecast only
 2011-03-27 06Z - forecast only
 2011-03-27 00Z - forecast only

The Google Maps Mania blog pointed out to another instance of trajectory computation called Shared Air by the folks at University of Michigan. In these maps, you choose a city in Japan and figure out if the winds and particle came from Fukushima. It really is the reverse problem that the Texas A&M computations do.

Cheryl Rofer has a series of blog entries of interest to plume:

Is There a Leak at Fukushima #3?
And Now...Becquerels!
If You're Anywhere But Japan, Don't Take Potassium Iodide!

Frank Munger mentions the fact that Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) is providing computational suport to DOE on the modeling of what is currently going on in each of the reactors and pools.

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