Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fukushima: Texas A&M Forecasts Mon March 28, Plume detection in France and other countries, Radiation Measurements and Standards

The Texas A&M forecasts are in:
Monday, March 28
 2011-03-28 12Z - forecast only
 2011-03-28 06Z - forecast only
 2011-03-28 00Z - forecast only

And it looks like the winds are going westerly. In other news, the French Teleray radiation sensor network has detected the plume in metropolitan France. All measurements show that the plume is in the background. The following graph show radiation level average over a month and radiation level for the plume:

Of interest is a summary of what was found in other countries:

Measurement results were published in the United States by the protection agency(EPA - They show small traces of radioactive products released during the Fukushima accident, were detected on filters as atmospheric dust samples in California (San Francisco, Riverside, Anaheim) and in the state of Washington (Seattle) on the west coast. Radionuclides are identified 131, tellurium 132, iodine 132 and cesium 137. Concentrations measured on March 18 for those elements are a few tenths of a mBq / m3 or lower. In Scandinavia, iodine 131 was measured in air in Stockholm, Umeå and Kiruna (Sweden) at a concentration of less than 0.30 mBq / m3, in Finland (less than 1 mBq / m3), Germany (0.33 mBq / m3 for all artificial radionuclides detected) for samples performed between 22 and 23 March. In the Netherlands, iodine was also detected in air: a concentration of 0.17 mBq / m3. These results are consistent, in terms of date and order of magnitude, with forecasts performed by Météo France at the global level, in collaboration with IRSN. They confirm particularly in Europe, the dispersed radioactive elements came from the north, as provided for the modeling of Météo France.
The press releases are here: number 3 and 4.

Chreyl Rofer has two blog entries of interest with regards to radiation measurements and exposure.

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