Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fukushima: TAMU Forecast March 31st, Analysis for Ibakari

The Texas A&M prediction maps for tomorrow are in:

Thursday, March 31
  1.  2011-03-31 12Z - forecast only
  2.  2011-03-31 06Z - forecast only
  3.  2011-03-31 00Z - forecast only

Please note that 06Z means 6:00 GMT or (6:00 + 9:00) 15:00 JST.

Yesterday, the prediction showed some trajectories going in the direction of Ibakari. Yesterday's map of the  region showed:

 Today's readings show the following map:

At first, there is no obvious difference using the color coding of that map. The historical charts in the same region show the following trend:

or a tiny increase of less than 0.2 microSv/hr at Takahagi. The map from Texas A&M is the one dated March 29th at 18 GMT or March 30 03:00 JST:

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