Monday, March 28, 2011

Fukushima: TAMU Forecasts Tuesday March 29, a note on the TAMU model,

Texas A&M Forecasts and status updates are in;

Tuesday, March 29
  1.  2011-03-29 12Z - forecast only
  2.  2011-03-29 06Z - forecast only
  3.  2011-03-29 00Z - forecast only

I have had a small exchange with Dr. Ken Bowman on the model used for these simulations:

Dear Igor,

... I finally found a little time to look at your blog. I like the way that you are bringing things together.

The model that I am running is good for giving a general idea of where a release might go on the large scale. The resolution of the global winds is about 50 km. At that resolution, the model does a poor job of representing the mountainous topography of Japan. My maps should not be called an 'aerosol simulation', as they have no aerosol physics in them, just passive advection by the winds....

Thanks Ken.

Finally, is a new site featuring a different kind of vizualisation than we have been accustomed to,

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